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Do you really want a new job?

Do you really want a new job?

I don't whether it is just a sign that I am getting older & starting to turn into a grumpy old person but I find myself increasing wanting to ask more & more applicants whether they really do want a new job.

My main gripes relate to:

  • The number of applicants who fail to include contact numbers or email addresses on their CVs or covering email/letter
  • Incomplete CVs where the job history finishes 12 or more months previously with no explanation
  • The naming of attachments  - why is it so difficult to include your name in the title as opposed to just calling it CV or covering letters?
  • Mobile phones that do not have an answer service - they just ring out
  • Applicants who agree to interview slots & then just don't turn up 
  • Failing to spell check documents

These might not seem major issues & in the scheme of things they are not life & death; however, the key question is why would anyone want to put themselves behind the 8 ball when applying for a new role? 

So before you send or upload another cv just check that you have not committed any of my pet hates as you never know it might be me managing the applications for your dream job!


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