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Recruiting a new team

The joys of recruitment!

Recruiting a new team
It is always interesting when a new person joins an established team to watch the dynamics as individual’s jockey for position; existing employees working hard to ensure that the status quo is quickly re-established but what is more interesting is when it is an entirely new team!

Getting the brief to recruit a new team of 60 for a start up team was quite a challenge as not only are you trying to get the right people to undertake the roles you only have your own experience to establish whether they will fit into the culture you are hoping to create. Whilst having well written job descriptions & adverts combined with a structured interview process can help – it is not until the new recruits are all together can you start to see what you have crea

You breathe a sigh of relief everytime a new recruit turns up that resembles the person you meet at interview – that might sound strange but I do believe that many people have an interview face that does not reflect reality! The worse experience I had of that when a fully made up goth turned up for her induction that did not look at all time the smartly dressed, minimal make up young lady that I had inteviewed – needless to say I had to send her home to get changed! Not quite the look for a leading Estate Agency chain!

So far, I have not had any major issues although we are having to be very clear about the behaviours we will & will not tolerate. As always there is a very fine line between assertive & aggressive – whilst it is important to ensure that we get the teething problems sorted out in the new office (we have had the usual startup problems with things like heating & IT) – we need to be careful about how we speak to the different contractors. Personally, I have always found it easier to try & get people on side as I believe that works better in the long run; however, it can be difficult to demonstrate that when the more aggressive approach appears to be getting results in the short term!

I believe that we have recruited a first class team, without having to resort to costly head-hunters & recruiters (all of whom told me that it couldn’t be done!); however, one of the total successes is seeing a young lady who came across quite down & beaten at interview blossoming into a highly productive, friendly & enthusiastic worker which just shows the importance for all parties of getting the right person in the right role – really glad I paid attention to that particular chapter in the Jim Collins book – Good to Great (Random House Business, 2001)

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