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Recruitment Agencies - is that the best you offer?

Recruitment Agencies - is that the best you offer?
I have now been running my own HR Consultancy for 13 years & it has never ceased to amaze me that large organisations continue to use ineffective agencies to do their recruitment. These agencies charge exorbitant fees (which I find hard to justify) & then do very little for their money.

As part of running Noble HR I enjoy taking on interim roles, normally at a senior level & more often than not managing large & occasionally complex change project - so between projects I have been known to scour the job boards looking for suitable interim opportunities.

Imagine my joy when finding a potential interim project close to where I live that seemed to have my name on it. This was a HR Project Manager - Senior Manager Regime, with a day rate of £500 - £700 based in Cheshire with the following advert:
The Client
Our client, a leading financial services brand, is looking for an interim HR Generalist to implement the new Senior Managers Regime in line with the changes brought about by the FCA.
The Interim Assignment
You will be responsible for leading the ongoing awareness of the regime across the business ensuring that all colleagues are fully aware of the impact the regime will have on their roles.

So I applied & about 24 hours later got the following response:
Following your recent application for the position of HR Project Manager - Senior Manager Regime (reference: BBBH5229). Your profile isn’t quite what I’m after at present however I will retain your details and our research teams will have access to your profile allowing you be considered for future opportunities.

Now I would love to know what their profile is & if I was coaching anyone else I would suggest that they make contact with the Recruiter to find out more; however, I am more concerned about how they match anyone to such a limited advert. I would also love to know who the company is & what they think of this approach!

I know my clients would be horrified if I used such a poor brief for their vacancies & disappointed with the wording on the response - that said maybe I should be grateful for small mercies - at least I got a response which is more than can be said for most agencies - which is in itself disappointing given the numerous Recruitment Software that is available!

So rant over - I will now go back to doing my day job - providing a service to my clients that goes beyond what is offered by these agencies.

Would love to hear your experience of using Recruitment Agencies - the good, the bad & the indifferent!

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