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What are the key benefits of using MAP?

The key benefits of using MAP 2.0 include that it:
  • Training Needs Analysis
    • MAP 2.0 allows you to precisely understand your managers key development areas -Significantly increasing training ROI.
    • MAP 2.0 accurately highlights the specific areas that need development -Considerably reducing training time and overall spend.
  • Recruitment & Selection
    • MAP 2.0 gives you the most accurate analysis of the ability and personality style of your management candidates - Saving significantly on your recruitment time and spend.
  • Talent Management
    • MAP 2.0 will accurately identify your next generation of managers and leaders -Allowing your business to harness and develop the best talent around.
  • Training ROI & Evaluation
    • MAP 2.0 can be used before and after a training and development programme -Giving your organisation a factual and tangible indication of the direct impact of training.
  • Management Benchmarking
    • MAP 2.0 allows you to compare and contrast your managers against other managers in your industry -Providing your business with an accurate analysis of how you compare with your direct competition.

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