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Organisational Development/Change Management

As the world changes and the needs of customers change, organisations need to adapt what they do in order to maximise their potential. Much of the time many organisations can accommodate the changes and get on with everyday work.

However, large-scale or continual changes can be unsettling, create stress and undermine organisational effectiveness. So it fundamental that you plan for these changes, look at all the options and consider the impact on all your stakeholders – including your staff and customers.

Research undertaken by the CIPD has shown that the pace of organisational change and development is accelerating, with large companies undergoing a major change every three years, with smaller changes happening on a continuous basis.

Simplified change management principles will broadly cover the following stages:

  • Understand where you/the organisation is at the moment
  • Involve and obtain support from people within the business (environment, processes, culture, relationships, behaviours, etc., whether personal or organisational).
  • Understand where you want to be, when, why, and success factors/measures will be.
  • Plan the progress towards your end goal in achievable measurable stages.
  • Help colleagues to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to solve problems by involving them in the change process.
  • Promote high performance including financial returns, high quality products and services, high productivity, continuous improvement and a high quality of working life.
  • Communicate, involve, enable and facilitate involvement from people, as early, openly and as fully as is possible.
  • Deliver the change
  • Evaluate (measure the effectiveness of the intervention).

All Noble HR Solutions we have the skills and experience to support organisations going through change in a manner that ensures that they meet their business objectives with little or no adverse publicity.

There are many different ways to manage change within your organisation, however, if you want a team that comes with this level of recommendations you need to contact us.

“Julie has worked with Navigant on several projects over the last 4 years and has been exceptional in terms of providing deep expertise and insight across many HR/people related areas, working with all levels of consultants and clients up to C suite level, and is a lovely person to work with. I highly recommend her. Warwick”

“Julie has consistently excelled in her work with Navigant, always getting the job done in a pragmatic and professional manner and always delighting her clients and her team. We never hesitate to bring Julie into an assignment.

“Julie helped me to lead an organisation in transition, and proved herself a highly effective manager of change, cool under pressure and a great colleague! I can recommend her without hesitation. Pat Perridge”

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