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Workplace disputes require intensive management resources which can result in expensive employment tribunal if not handled carefully. They can also affect productivity and sometimes even damage your business reputation if customers become aware of the conflict.

Mediation is a voluntary process used to resolve disputes informally between individuals, groups & organisations. Published studies show that the success rate for mediation is around 80% for all cases that are suitable for mediation.

Mediation can be used to resolve conflict in the workplace when the:

  • conflict needs to be resolved quickly
  • relationship between the parties need to be maintained
  • dispute is adversely affecting other people
  • neither party wishes to resort to formal or legal proceeding

Our fully trained mediators are experienced in dealing with conflict resolution. Research has shown that use of mediation is 8 times more cost effective than using formal disciplinary & grievance procedures, often due to the speed of the process, the direct & voluntary involvement of all interested parties.

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