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Career Transition

Change within both the private and public sectors is occurring on a regular basis and as a result more professionals are looking to move into new areas of work and transfer their existing skill sets. We provide a complete career transition service for both companies and individuals alike in a workshop environment or on a 1:1 basis which provides empathic support and guidance from highly skilled facilitators who share their own career transition experiences

For organisations we also offer “Embracing Change” workshops which are designed to support all staff through major periods of change

What did people say about the Workshops?

  • It took only one morning session amongst a small group of disparate but similarly minded people, where I could learn from others as well as from Bruce who is an excellent coach, to improve my all-important CV and increase my confidence for interviews. The recorded mock interview, with feedback direct from Bruce on the day, followed by a DVD copy where you can see for yourself exactly what you look like, how your react to and answer questions, is invaluable. I would recommend it to everyone.
  • I went to the course open minded and was led to believe that it was all about CV writing, the course was far more than this. The structure was excellent looking at strengths, interests and values. You are left armed with focused information that allows you to review your CV in a structured manor.
  • For me the course content was not the most important factor, I met people in the same position as myself which gives you a big lift. The biggest thing I got from the course was the invite to LinkedIn which has started opening doors for me already.
  • Bruce is a very good facilitator and offers great support after the course.

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