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Cloud Based HR - Breathe HR

We understand that developing a high performing team is essential; however managing employees can be time-consuming and bury you in admin, therefore, NobleHR has partnered with BreatheHR, a Cloud-based HR Software, to help reduce that admin burden.

BreatheHR helps by:

  • Centralising all your employee information in a simple to use Cloud-based system.
  • Automating holiday booking and absence management to dramatically reduce your paperwork.
  • Automating other time-consuming tasks such as new starters & leavers so you can focus on improving employee performance and growing your business.
  • Storing employee data and documents so they become available from wherever you are.
  • Providing automatic replies to employee requested
  • Having a dashboard that quickly identifies what action needs to be taken – with reminders and notes prompting you to take action at the right time

With prices starting at only £9 per month (excluding VAT) for up to 10 employees & 1 HR user it is also an extremely cost effective way of reducing your administration burden.

Contact us for more information on how BreatheHR can benefit your organisation

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