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Management Assessment

All organisations need to maximise their management talent in order to maintain and build on their competitive edge. Retaining and/or attracting good managers is key to this, so to be successful at this you need a proven method for assessing the competency of potential and/or your existing management talent.
In predicting the right candidate for a role interviewing alone has an accuracy of about 0.4, flipping a coin has an accuracy of 0.5 whilst using MAP 2.0 has a validated accuracy of 0.81. Our research & analysis have highlighted that MAP 2.0 is three times more accurate than its closest competitor.

For over 15 years NobleHR Solutions have worked with medium to large organisations to help them identify the management competency of their existing and/or potential managers using the proven assessment tools of MAP 2.0 and Appraisal 360. Once this data has been gathered it can used to create tailor-made individual development plans to help them realise their full potential trough targeted training, which in turn enhances the return on investment and your organisation’s productivity.

In our quickly changing business world there are many management tools that claim that they are the definitive way to measure management capability, but very few live up to these often exaggerated claims.

At Noble HR Solutions we offer a range of cost-effective management assessment tools including MAP Assessment, 360 degree Appraisals, Managers on-line Functional Test and the Transformational Leadership Profile.

We work with our clients to identify the most appropriate assessment tool to use, plan how to launch it into their business and how to maximise the return on the results.

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