Management Assessment

All organisations need to maximise their management talent in order to maintain and build on their competitive edge. Retaining and/or attracting good managers is key to this, so to be successful at this you need a proven method for assessing the competency of potential and/or your existing management talent.
In predicting the right candidate for a role interviewing alone has an accuracy of about 0.4, flipping a coin has an accuracy of 0.5 whilst using MAP 2.0 has a validated accuracy of 0.81. Our research & analysis have highlighted that MAP 2.0 is three times more accurate than its closest competitor.

For over 15 years NobleHR Solutions have worked with medium to large organisations to help them identify the management competency of their existing and/or potential managers using the proven assessment tools of MAP 2.0 and Appraisal 360. Once this data has been gathered it can used to create tailor-made individual development plans to help them realise their full potential trough targeted training, which in turn enhances the return on investment and your organisation’s productivity.

In our quickly changing business world there are many management tools that claim that they are the definitive way to measure management capability, but very few live up to these often exaggerated claims.

At Noble HR Solutions we offer a range of cost-effective management assessment tools including MAP Assessment, 360 degree Appraisals, Managers on-line Functional Test and the Transformational Leadership Profile.

We work with our clients to identify the most appropriate assessment tool to use, plan how to launch it into their business and how to maximise the return on the results.

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Appraisal 360

Imagine if a line manager was the only person giving an employee feedback on their performance. Sadly that's still the reality of professional development for many people today.

360-degree feedback, also known as multi-rater feedback, peer appraisal or 360 degree appraisal, is designed to get around this. Employees are rated on their performance by people who know something about them and their work. The employee completes their own self-assessment which is compared against feedback from their colleagues, direct reports, peers, managers, customers or clients; in fact anybody whose opinion is relevant and who is familiar with their work can be included in the feedback process. This multi-source approach can give real insight into how different groups see each employee.

Many major companies now use 360 degree feedback as part of their appraisal and development process, and now you can too.

360 appraisal: great for your staff development reviews 

Most managers and employees hate the traditional one-to-one annual reviews with their boss, however by using 360-degree feedback as part of your staff appraisal and development process you can bring some serious benefits to both your business and your people:

  • It helps people understand how their behaviour influences both their own personal effectiveness and how they impact the smooth running of the organisation.
  • It improves communication within the organisation and encourages a more open culture where giving and receiving constructive feedback is the norm.
  • People achieve higher levels of self-awareness by learning how their colleagues, direct reports, peers, customers or clients perceive them. People generally like 360 degree feedback as they tend to take this feedback less personally and are more likely to act on the feedback.
  • It is a very powerful driver for change for individuals and organisations as a whole.

With our approach there's no setup fee and it's Pay-&-Go; so you only buy what and when you need to. We have a variety of standard 360 degree appraisals to suit different roles within your organisation, such as Managers, Sales People and many more. You can use our off the shelf competency frameworks and questionnaires or create your own bespoke questionnaires based around your competency framework ... plus we offer savings on multiple purchases.


Managers On-line functional test

In the "Training your way out of recession" article, Sarah Jones, chief executive of Ufi, the organisation responsible for Learndirect and Learndirect Business is quoted as saying "The business case for developing staff is compelling. Effective training can reduce staff turnover and absenteeism, improve motivation, increase productivity, and help boost customer satisfaction."

Whilst we think that all Management Development Trainers would agree with her points, we think that the biggest issues that we have had to deal with are:

  • The ability to objectively measure a manager's competency
  • Proving the impact that developing our managers can have on an organisation
  • Providing accurate data with which to benchmark improvements in performance

Well that can now change! In conjunction with DPG we are able to offer The Functional Test that will overcome all those obstacles, as it is a great online self assessment tool that provides a comprehensive 33 page report that clearly summarises your manager's knowledge and understanding of the 27 nationally accepted areas of management as defined by the ILM, and only takes 1 hour to complete plus it only costs £99 plus VAT per manager!


transformational leadership profile

A 360 degree assessment tool specifically designed for active leaders at all levels within your organisation. TLP provides your team with feedback on 10 leadership dimensions and characteristics. It assesses key transformational leadership characteristics, leadership behaviours and your organisation’s leadership culture.

The process is straightforward to use, everything is done electronically and is totally secure. All we need to get you started is an email address. We then send a unique web link that takes your managers step by step through the whole process.   The added benefit of TLP is that the report provides you with a user-friendly description of each of the assessed areas, interpreting low and high scores, along with suggested workplace activities that can be used to improve future performance.

To help your managers target their development and to complete their comprehensive development plan, which is provided, their top ten strengths and top ten development areas, as seen by their line manager, peers and direct reports, are clearly highlighted on a separate page.


The TLP is again a cost effective assessment tool as it retails at only £135 plus VAT per manager


Quintax is a powerful and innovative personality questionnaire developed, trialled and normed in the UK by Stuart Robertson & Associates Ltd.

Based on the ‘Big Five', a modern empirical model of personality, Quintax focuses on personality styles and preferences that give important information about behaviour at work. It is applicable to a broad range of human resource functions including:

  • recruitment and selection
  • personal development
  • outplacement and career counselling,
  • workshops on team building, time management, problem solving and creative style.


  • provides a powerful analysis of individual behaviour
  • is based upon modern psychological theory and combines different ways of describing the person to give extra flexibility
  • is excellent for use in 1:1 feedback, development workshops, career coaching, as well as in assessment centres and recruitment
  • provides affirming and supportive feedback for development purposes
  • has a short completion time
  • is straightforward to complete & easy to score
  • comes with a wide range of support materials

MAP Assessment

MAP Assessment

Knowing the main strengths and weaknesses of your managers and leaders, and the impact they have within your organisation is crucial to success.

MAP 2.0 is the unique, powerful and cost effective online assessment system that is used worldwide across all industries and sectors allowing you to quickly arrive at an objective understanding of your managers’ and leaders’ effectiveness in a number of common situations including:

  • Effectively tackling poor and under performance
  • Prioritising their own work whilst faced with conflicting demands from others and senior managers
  • Getting their job done whilst keeping their team engaged and motivated
  • Making good decisions and problem solving with limited information
  • Deciding when and how to delegate rather than just doing it themselves.

MAP 2.0 can be used as part of your talent management and succession planning strategy as it enables you to quickly and accurately benchmark where your current and future managers and leaders strengths and development areas lie. The data generated by MAP 2.0 is objective, valid and reliable allowing you to focus your time and effort on developing and nurturing the right people for your organisation’s future.

How the assessment process works

MAP 2.0 uses a series of video based scenarios that follow the week in the life of a typical management team and take you on a fly on the wall journey through 13 different everyday scenarios that face today’s modern managers and leaders.

Throughout the comprehensive 3 hour assessment managers respond to questions and solve problems based on what they have observed and by interacting with the additional information that is made available to them along their journey. They must then ascertain what the most appropriate responses are to the questions.

These real-world situations measure the manager’s ability and readiness across twelve critical managerial competencies. There is also the option to measure and assess the individual manager’s management style, and their preferences when communicating and interacting with others.

Following the assessment of a personalised report can be generated in less than 1 minute – this can be given directly to the person completing the assessment or forwarded to a nominated person for discussion with the individual.

MAP 2.0 will improve the skills, knowledge, understanding, competence & performance to your managers, adding measureable value to your organisation ..........Guaranteed

Improving your managers performance

  • Time Management & Prioritising
  • Getting Unbiased Information
  • Setting Goals & Standards
  • Training, Coaching & Delegating
  • Identifying & Solving Problems
  • Disciplining & Counselling
  • Appraising People & performance
  • Thinking Clearly & Analytically
  • Making Decisions & Weighing Risk
  • Planning & Scheduling Work
  • Giving Clear Information
  • Listening & Organising

Benefits of using MAP 2.0 in your organisation

  • It’s online, giving you limitless flexibility and scalability – you can quickly assess a handful of people for a single promotion, a team development initiative, or thousands of managers and leaders of a global management development programme. The choice is yours.
  • MAP 2.0 offers you a fast, reliable and cost effective alternative to Assessment Centres – by removing bias, human error and subjectivity completely you get valid data and at a fraction of the cost of a full-blown assessment centre.
  • Accelerated development – give your managers and leaders a better understanding of their leadership skills with tips and online resources for them to create and act on focused individual development plans.
  • Intelligent reporting and management information – MAP 2.0 has the ability to provide you with detailed reports split between teams, divisions, department, country or practically any other demographic, meaning you can quickly and accurately see where your top talent and biggest development needs are located.
  • Better selection decisions – by helping you to identify those individuals who are best suited for your management and leadership roles – whether this is in a recruitment or redundancy situation.
  • It is fast and easy roll-out – within just a few hours you can start assessing your managers, leaders or candidates. Accessible from any web enabled computer or tablet it offers real flexibility for both the organisation and the manager being assessed.
  • MAP 2.0 benchmarks against a database of over 15,000 managers and leaders making it a highly valid and reliable assessment system.


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